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Thread: Domperidone dose?

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    Hi my dear... just want to mention that is not good to mix breast milk and formula cause formula expires in 1 hour after feeding starts but breastmilk last for 4 hours as per "The nursing mothers companion book"....
    It is absolutely safe to mix breastmilk and formula. You would just want to mix it a little bit at a time so as to minimize waste. Most of your baby's feedings should be directly from the breast at this point anyway.

    when formula used to constipate my lo I was advise to give her 1 oz of prune juice and 1 oz of water mix to help him go
    LLL does not recommend giving a baby juice to relieve constipation, especially in a baby so young. It is very abnormal for an exclusively breastfed baby to become constipated, although formula can cause constipation. It sounds like you are almost at the point where you can give up formula supplements.

    at 7 weeks my lo use to poop here and there not all the time, her pediatrician say its normal for them not go every day, the longest she did with out going was 7 days, but she wasnt contipate..... Constipate means that she wants to go but cant, so she pushed and seems unconfortable..... my lo was fine with out going those days......
    There is a difference between true constipation and infrequent bowel movements. The question is whether or not your baby's bms are soft or hard. We would still expect a 7 week old baby to have 1-3 bms per day, although formula can mess with this a bit, so talk to your health care provider. If baby is having a bm less than once a day, it should be very big when it comes, and not at all hard.

    Hang in there,

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