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Thread: Feeling like a failure...

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    I am glad that things are looking up for you! I could feel your stress in your original post. Coming here was also a Godsend for me. I was wanting to give up. And now, my 4 month old is THRIVING! And I have never been so proud of myself.

    Good job MAMA!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkadi View Post
    It's SO scary being the sole physical provider of someone else's nourishment sometimes!
    Don't think this way. You have been all that as well as your child sole environment for the last nine months. You were were able to successfully grow him in your body for 9months. Why would it be any different for either of you now?
    Sustaining your child is what you are built for. And by your reports you are doing a beautiful job. Just watch diaper out put. That's all that really matters. If you have enough wet diapers in a day, than your baby is getting enough. Keep up the great work. You have dedicated yourself to right task.
    And know, some other things that should be told to new breastfeeding mothers that are not:
    It's NORMAL for the baby to eat all day and all night.
    It's NORMAL not to get anything done but feed the baby for the 1st 6-8weeks.
    It's NORMAL not to make it out of your pajamas or even off the couch to do anything but change diapers and go pee.
    Some women find this part of it hard because no one told them that they would literally be on the couch for 6-8weeks feeding. But this is the way mother nature intended. For you and your LO who is So used to being with you 24/7 to get to adjust to life in the outside world. By literally staying attached to you out here. This period of time is really so precious. They are only so small once. You only get to know them like this once. You only get this one opportunity to prove to them that is was the right decision to come on out of the womb. And as long and grueling as these 1st days can seem, you blink your eyes and they are gone. So cherish this time. All things worth having are worth working for. This relationship, which is about so much more than food is not exception. Stay focused. We are here for you.

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    Ugh - I TOTALLY know what you're going through. At least your LO latches from time-to-time. Mine didn't latch properly for the first FIVE weeks and I was so frustrated and feeling like a failure, I would just cry and cry. No matter where I was - out in public, on the phone to friends. It was awful.

    Your story is quite typical, unfortunately. Why aren't there better warnings about this? It's just so hard in the beginning. But the good news is once you hit your stride, you'll BF like a pro and won't remember these early weeks.

    I used to pump a little bit before putting my LO to the breast. That way there was milk there without her having to wait. After a short while, she was more patient and made the milk flow herself but in the beginning, I would get things going on my own first. It doesn't take very long for the milk to get going and once the baby is on, you can try to adjust from there.

    Best of luck!

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