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Thread: Split & flat/inverted nipples.. what are they!?

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    Default Split & flat/inverted nipples.. what are they!?

    Well I met with a LC today she came into my home to help me with my 3 week old baby girl.

    I have one inverted nipple and one flat nipple, she also told me today they are split.

    After she feeds HALF of my nipple is sticking out (meaning she was only sucking on that half)

    how do i get her to latch onto my HOLE nipple PLUS aeorla?

    if its not one thing with my stupid nipples its another! i am WAY frustrated and so so so close to giving up. please help!

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    Default Re: Split & flat/inverted nipples.. what are they!?

    I too had trouble nursing my baby girl on my left side as my nipple didn't naturally stick out as far as the right one. Some things I did was to pump a little just before trying to latch her on because it helped to "draw" the nipple out and with a little milk on the nipple it helped my daughter to open wider and latch. I also nursed her in a warm tub (a suggestion from my lacation consultant) which helped my daughter relax. My daughter didn't nurse off the left side until she was 3 weeks old - I would attempt to nurse her off that side first, unless she was really hungry, and then I would nurse her off the other side and pump my left side. My daughter didn't nurse without me pumping first to draw out my nipple until she was 6 weeks old. I was persistent and it eventually worked - as she got better at nursing - she's now 14 months and still loves to nurse.

    So try pumping a little first and see if that helps her - stay positive!
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    Default Re: Split & flat/inverted nipples.. what are they!?

    Have you tried making a 'sandwich' with your areola? Use your index and middle fingers like scissors and compress the whole areola to a 'slit'. Your fingers should really be on skin not areola to do it properly. Line up your scissor motion with the length of her mouth as if she was going to eat a big scooby doo sandwich and needed it squished flat to get it in her mouth.

    I hope I explained that clearly.

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