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    Hi, my beautiful boy is also a vigorous nurser. We've improved our latch but could still use some help as I still get creasing in my nipples sometimes. I think he is gumming the nipple. I'd like to get him to open his mouth wider rather than inhaling my nipple like vacuum!!

    Also, he has started this bad habit of yanking his head back to detach...without opening his mouth! Ouch!!! I try to catch him and pull his lips back when I think he wants off but I can't always predict this sudden movement.

    Does anyone have tips for getting the mouth wider and especially- encouraging a gentle detachment?

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    When my son was a newborn I had to grab my nipple and make it smaller by making it into a c-shape with my hand. About the detachment you can possibly try to keep your hand near his head. For biting babies they say that once they bite (and don't let go) the mom should take the baby's head and gently push his face towards the breast bc it will make breathing harder and they will let go. Because this isn't very pleasent for them it's supposed to also teach them not to do it. If you keep you hand by his head, ready for this to happen you could try the method for biting babies

    good luck!
    First time mommy of Robert Nicolas, now 9 whole months(), and loving it!

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    i don't know how old your baby is but i would suggest opening your mouth wide for baby to see when you are latching him on.
    even very young babies will try to mimic your face expressions.
    grab your breast and make the c-shape like the other mother suggested and stroke from bottom to top the baby's mouth. this has worked for us to get my son to open his mouth very wide and we still latch on that way to this day (21 months old) and we have never had trouble with a lazy latch, which can happen when baby gets older and forgets or doesn't want to open wide enough.

    hope this helps!!

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