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Thread: white breastmilk that looks like formula?

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    Question white breastmilk that looks like formula?

    my breastmilk is so white that it looks like a formula milk. is it ok? why it is so white? my mother told me breastmilk should be watery and whitish in color but mine is so white and creamy?

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    I have never seen formula prepared but I think that your milk is totally normal. Afterall, my milk looks just as you describe yours and my DD is as healthy as a horse! In a breastfeeding class I took prior to DD's birth, they told us that human milk can look different during different times, sometimes it may even have a bluish tint to it. Hope this helps!
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    When you nurse your baby gets what is called "fore milk" first, which your mom is right is watery with a slight white tint, or green sometimes? Then as they move through the appetizer they get to the "hind milk" which is the thick white creamy sometimes almost yellow milk. This is the good stuff. Filled with all sorts of fat etc... The change in milk is why it is important to let baby finish one breast and then move to the next. It is really important to get that thick "hind milk" in them. I hope that this helps! All the best!

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    Breastmilk may change in color throughout the day and from one day to the next. It is most likely to have that bluish tint when your breasts are very full and is likely to look more like heavy cream or even take on a yellowish hue when your breasts are feeling least full. The milk that you produce in the early days of breastfeeding gradually changes over time from what may seem like a clear or yellow substance (colostrum) into a milky white liquid (breastmilk).

    Some women have reported having a red tint to their milk. Your milk may change color depending on what you eat!

    Here is some more information on the colors of breastmilk http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/color.html

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