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Thread: Back 2 Work and l lost my milk supply?

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    Default Re: Back 2 Work and l lost my milk supply?

    I do pump each breast until there is no more flow..usually a couple minutes after the flow stops is when I stop. I switch breasts so I guess I give them both a pump twice. It is usually about 10 minutes until my flow completly stops.
    Believe me, if my flow was still coming Id never stop.

    ps. My office has provided me with a little room off to the side of the building..they put a nice comfy chair a table, a lamp, and a brand new mini fridge...
    It's called the mommy's room..so far Im the only mommy but it's nice to work for a company that so cool about it.

    I'm getting oatmeal tonight!

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    Default Re: Back 2 Work and l lost my milk supply?

    Are you the original owner of your pump? If not, it may be that the motor is simply worn out.

    How about meds? Are you on any meds, especially any kind of hormonal birth control?

    Others have given you wonderful links, so I won't overburden you with more right now.

    Can you pump more often? Or for longer? An empty breast tells the brain to make more milk.

    You mention that you're switching breasts when pumping. Do you mean that you're pumping one side at a time? Many working mothers find great success with pumping both sides at one time.

    Some working mothers find that by temporarily using a different, more efficient pump, they can boost their supply. Then, when they go back to their usual pump, their supply stays higher for longer.

    Many working mothers continue nursing and pumping, working does not have to be the end of your nursing relationship.
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