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Thread: 2 year old and an infant.

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    Default 2 year old and an infant.

    not exactly sure if this should be here... so i'll just put this here... feel free to move it.

    skylar is my 2 year old, gracie, my 4 month old.

    skylar has suddenly shown an interest in breastfeeding... she watches gracie do it all the time, breastfeeds her monkey, and even just tried to breastfeed (off of me). she was breastfed for a month... so i'm pretty sure she doesnt remember it. heh. what exactly should i be doing? is she just trying to "be the baby"? or what? should i discourage this? i mean, she'll come up to me and try to pull my shirt up, say, "more?" not having breastfed at all...

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    Default Re: 2 year old and an infant.

    Don't worry- everything sounds completely normal! I would guess that part of your daughter's interest in nursing stems from wanting to "be like the baby" and another part stems from wanting to "be like mommy."

    Have you considered letting her try nursing again? There are health benefits to letting her nurse even now! Most likely your daughter will want to try it once or twice and then get bored with it. But there's a possibility that she might want to do it more than that, and speaking as the mom of a nursing two year old, I can say that nursing an older child is really easy and fun compared to nursing a baby. My daughter wants to nurse for maybe 10 minutes at a time, 3-5 times a day, which is on the high end. A lot of moms who nurse their older toddlers are down to once or twice a day, or even less.

    If letting your daughter nurse again doesn't appeal to you, you might want to get her to participate in the nursing by imitating you- hand her the monkey to nurse, ask her to bring you a pillow- something that makes her feel a part of this special process.

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    Default Re: 2 year old and an infant.

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    Default Re: 2 year old and an infant.

    Its completely normal and completely up to you. She probably won't remember nursing, but if you are okay with letting her try, it will probably be less likely to cause jealousy. My dd nurses everything and wanted to nurse again after my ds was born. It had only been a couple months, though, and she picked it back up once a day. She sometimes asks other times, and when I tell her yes, she sometimes latches on and sometimes not. She hasn't nursed in a few days though, so we might be having a second weaning.

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    Default Re: 2 year old and an infant.

    My first son, T, was adopted at almost a year old, and I was not able to breastfeed him. When I had my second son, T was soooooo interested in BF. He was just about 2 when M was born. He also wanted to try, and I all too happily let him! I was thrilled and hoping it would last. Nope. Just a few sucks a few times and he was fine. He has not asked since. I think he just wanted to make sure there was nothing M was able to do that he was not!

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