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Thread: arching back away from breast

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    My LO started zantac for mild reflux abt 3 weeks ago. She seemed to spit up more during the first few days but it has gone away and not it is much much less. In the last few days she's started to pull away, arching her back before she even latches on. SHe's always arched her back in discomfort but just now started to do it before the feeding even started. I've tried holding her differently, but she still does it. She does seem to relax a little once I get her on but getting her there is a wrestling match. The LC I spoke with said to sit her up, stratling my leg, but I am large breasted and she's too long and would have to bend over to get to my nipple or I would have to lift it up really high. She mostly does it during daytime feedings, not in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning (though, I'd imagine this is when she's most hungry). Any ideas on how I can help her? When will this discomfort go away?


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    It might be that she has started to anticipate the experience as being painful. When you wrestle her what do you mean? A baby may associate bf with something unpleasant if there is pain or trauma and begin to have an aversion to it, or may show some symptoms of a nursing strike. Have you considered trying a nice warm bath to relax her first? How about just hanging out with out a shirt to try some baby led latching? Here are some baby led positions- try leaning back some to orient your breast if they are larger.Some babies with pain issues are very tense, and arching can be a sign of discomfort.

    How often is baby feeding? Is this just with one baby or two? I am trying to remember if smaller more frequent feeding help with reflux.
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