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Thread: Newborn question (was question about Babywise)

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    Atticus's Momma --

    As awful as everything feels right now, you can be assured that the REALLY important things are going well -- because your baby's diaper output is fantastic and he is gaining well. I should have also asked you what his lowest weight after birth was (babies normally lose a few ounces in the first few days), but without even knowing that lowest weight, I can see that he's gaining almost an ounce a day. (25 ounces above birth weight in 4 weeks.)That is a WONDERFUL weight gain. It's when newborns are gaining less than half an ounce a day that we really start to worry about them.

    The skin rash, frequent fussiness, tummy pains, green stools -- it's starting to sound more and more like some kind of allergy or sensitivity, to either the formula or something in your milk. The most common culprit is dairy, so I think you got sound advice from the LC about eliminating dairy from your diet. If you can also stop giving formula, then that will make the puzzle a little easier to solve by removing one more possible irritant from his diet.

    I urge you to keep posting on this forum for emotional support, but also to post in the forum titled "Allergies and the Breastfeeding Family." It is well down the page in the main index. Brittan and many other moms here have dealt with the whole range of allergies and sensitivities, and they'll be able to help you figure out what is going on as well as give a lot of good tips and advice.

    If this does prove to be a dairy sensitivity, then you can be encouraged that the changes to your own diet will probably be temporary. Many babies who start out with these problems outgrow them, as their gut matures.

    Hang in there! Let us know how you're doing.


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    Default Re: Newborn question (was question about Babywise)

    I see you already got a lot of good answers. I don't have anything to add on allergies except for what already have been stated, but there's many great mom here with a lot of knowledge on the subject. To start a new thread you go to forum theme you'll like to post your question and in the top left corner right above the first thread title you'll find the 'new thread' button go there and write your question as if you were writing a post.

    About books, they're references but not laws. The authors are people like you and me, they're not gods or super heroes, they certainly ain't perfect, what work for them it might not work for others, so it's betters to find a book that suit your parenting styles or at least from trusted authors. Someone I like is Dr. Sears, you can go to his website and read more about him and his family, he bases his books on personal experiences as well as research and studies not just his opinion, LLL got many books from him so he's definitely someone to trust. Also LLL got great books.

    Anyway, reassure yourself you're a great mommy, you're looking around for ways to make your precious baby feel better, those first few weeks, well few months are an emotional roller coaster, trying to decode our babies needs it's not easy and it doesn't matter how many kids you've no one knows it all and you'll always have new situations to encounter. But that's what we're here for, to learn from one another, help others learn from our mistakes or experiences, and more important, to support and encourage mothers, and that's better than any book out there.

    Stay here with us, you'll feel better!

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