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Thread: poopy question...and milk supply

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    Default poopy question...and milk supply

    hi there...
    my 9 week old son has had some wierd poos lately (3 to be exact in the last 2 days). they are dark mustardy yellow, but just wet and gooey(sorry!). no seeds...is this ok? what could this mean?

    for a couple days i had TONS of milk...like i thought it was too much! i'd wake up just about engorged during his night feedings and would spray everywhere all day long. i tried to "schedule" him for a couple days to see if that helped, and now i feel like i have NO milk. no let down feeling, no fullness feeling. i nursed him whenever he wanted today which was alot...so hopefully i'll fill up tomorrow! what do you think???
    thanks for ALL of your help and support!

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    Default Re: poopy question...and milk supply

    Not to worry about the poops. They sound perfectly normal. Here's a good link for info on normal infant stools:

    As for no longer feeling fullness in your breasts, this is also normal at this stage in your baby's life:

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    Default Re: poopy question...and milk supply

    Wet and gooey is fine.

    You mentioned scheduling to decrease supply? Could you maybe explain what you mean exactly? Did you skip feeds? Did you only feed "x" number of times during the day?

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