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Thread: Could it be thrush?

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    Default Could it be thrush?

    On my right breast, the areola is itchy, flaky, red, driving me crazy. This has been going on for about a month. DD has no signs of thrush. I looked in her mouth last night and everything looked normal. I have tried moisturizing the heck out of it with lotion and lanolin in case it is eczema, but nothing has worked. Something like this happened at about the same time

    Does it seem odd to get thrush at this point in the game? Neither DD or I have been on antibiotics, so that is not a factor.

    If it is thrush, do I see my OB or my GP? Or does anyone have any super-moisturizing formulas that I should try before I see the doc?

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    Default Re: Could it be thrush?

    sounds like thrush. i had the same thing a few weeks ago, no symptoms in ds. gentian violet worked for us.


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