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Thread: Poop finally normal!! mini party

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    Smile Poop finally normal!! mini party

    After about a week of no iron other than what is in my prenat vitamins dd2 is finally pooping normally. So now I have her back on one bowl of cereal for breakfast without any other iron than what is in the cereal. She only has bananas, and green veggies left before she can move to stage 2 foods.

    I am happy I was really worried I had another kid with bowel issues.
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    Default Re: Poop finally normal!! mini party

    sucessfully breastfeeding my little princess for 10 months we are absolutely in love I know Im giving her the best and I know she'll grow healthy and strong!!
    Happily Nursing my Toddler

    New to and loving that too!!!

    My little Sarai loves her cloth
    And I love to them.....yes yet another cloth convert

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