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Thread: Comfort Nursing?

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    Cool Comfort Nursing?

    I'm a new mom, and I need help!!!

    I have a 5 week old, and he is constantly showing me the signals of hunger. We feed at least every 2 hours, if not more, except at night. He actually is sleeping through most of the night, only waking usually twice, at which times I change him, then nurse us to sleep.

    I know he is getting enough to eat, because his weight gain has been steady since we brought him home (7lb 2oz at bring home, 10 lbs 14 oz at last weeks WIC appointment), I can see his jaw/ear moving when he eats, and I can hear him swallowing (he's a very noisy eater), but I wonder if he is actually hungry, if he just wants to comfort nurse, or if I did something wrong in the first weeks of his life by changing his diaper, then sticking him on to nurse almost every time he cried? Did I make a bad habit?

    He has only ended the nursing himself maybe a total of 10 times, I usually have to break him off after half an hour, because if I let him, he will continue nursing for over an hour! I know they say to watch the baby, not the clock, but the baby likes to suckle in his sleep, and would do so round the clock if he could. He has a great latch (I think ) on the right side, not so great on the left (it hurts, usually), but I usually feed him on the right in the football hold, anyway. Also, lately, when I pull him off and try to burp him, he usually ends up spitting up around an ounce (usually on my chest) Is he comfort nursing? Or am I doing something wrong?

    One other thing, I still don't know his cries unless it's the sleepy cry, because he rarely ever cries. If he does cry, it's because I'm in the other room and don't hear him right away, so I hear the really LOUD stuff, which is also hard to decipher.

    I'm so worried he's going to be a really fat baby or that I am going to make a really bad habit, but I don't know what I'm doing! Help!
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    Default Re: Comfort Nursing?

    Its very common for breastfed babies to nurse every 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours and nearly all babies spit up at this age. Sounds like everything is normal and ok with you hon.

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    Default Re: Comfort Nursing?

    yep i agree just try to enjoy this time it doesnt last long

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    Default Re: Comfort Nursing?

    With such a young baby it is usually best to feed them on demand. Don't worry, you are not forming bad habits or spoiling him- babies this young can't be spoiled. He is learning that when he is hungry you are available to feed him and that is something that is important for him to know. He may be going through a growth spurt, which means is needs the extra milk he's getting nursing more frequently.

    I know it seems like thay nurse round the clock, but it really doesn't last that long (looking back on it- I know it seems to go on forever while you are going through it) and he will work himself into a schedule eventually. They get better at nursing as they get older so it won't take as long to nurse and their stomachs get bigger so they will go longer in between feeds.

    For now, you are doing the best thing you can by feeding him when he asks for it. If you think he's asleep, and he is only actively sucking every few seconds or so you might try unlatching him gently to see if he is done eating. I do this when my lo's sucks slowed down and she'd usually stay asleep.
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    I agree with PP.You just hang in there, it all sounds very normal. My LO (4 weeks old) eats close to an hour about 98% of the time, and has at times gone a little past. I know my DD is getting what he needs from weight gain, like you said, and diapers. The lactation nurse at the hospital told me they would eat as long as an hour. Also, with his age, it may be growth spurt time. With time, he may decrease his nursing time as he becomes better at sucking and expressing milk. Don't worry about fat baby right now, you are being a good mommy and meeting all of his needs! Babies have a very very big need to suck and be comforted, and who better to meet that need right now than mamma?
    Everything sounds 100% normal. Just keep feeding him on demand, and rest and take care of yourself as you can, when he does! Come to this forum often, it has helped me a great deal!
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