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Thread: Block feeding doesnt help at night

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    Default Block feeding doesnt help at night

    My baby is almost 8 weeks old. he sometimes doesnt need to nurse for 4 hours or more, especially at night. i tried pumping at night when my breasts are too engorged to relieve discomfort and when he's sleeping, but it seems to increast my milk supply. now i am even more engorged during the day when i havent nursed for 3 hours. lately i have tried blocked feeding on alternate breast, it helps during the day... but it doesnt work at night.
    its because my baby can go longer without feeding at night and the time interval of feed stretches longer. if i breastfeed on one breast at the last feed at night (lets say right side at 11pm then it means the left side was fed on a few hours before 11pm). then in a few hours, my left breast become horribly painful in the middle of the night even worse than before but my bb is sleeping. i have to wake up and pump. i feel like i never get any sleep even my baby sleeps through the night or almost through the night; not to mention the horrible engorgement i expereince every night. its been going on for some time now.

    what do i do? do you all get to sleep at night if your baby sleeps longer?

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    Default Re: Block feeding doesnt help at night

    For us, it just took time for everything to "adjust". Be midful to watch for clogged ducts in the process... As you discovered pumping can exacerbate OS, so maybe just a little hand expression to eleviate the inital bit of milk for a while? In time your body will come to learn that so much milk isn't needed at night ( then baby, on cue will start to wake more )

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