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Thread: stopping her night feeding?

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    I know I'm always surprised that dd's diaper isn't wetter in the morning when she wakes up, but usually I'll get a really heavy one mid-morning. Got midnight snack at 11:30 last night, up at 6:30 this morning. Slept a little better though.

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    Default Re: stopping her night feeding?

    Anja sounds like my Kimmi (4/17/06)...then one day she stopped (waking up, that is)...she sleeps until 6 or 7am, now. (I will admit, I was a nervous wreck when she first started...I woke up arond 3:30am, in anticipation of her waking up).

    Is it easy to get them to go to bed earlier? She takes her last feeding around 9pm...is it easy to ease that back to 8pm?

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