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Thread: Let down

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    Question Let down

    someone explain to me what let down is.
    I am asking because when i pump whichis with an avent isis manual, for 20 minutes each breast i only get one let down and that is in the begining of pumpimg then when that stops (when it stops so does my milk) nothing else for the rest of the 15 to 17 minutes of pumping is this normal or is something wrong with me, and its not im not feeling it but i am watching and its not there because my milk completely stops flowing.

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    Default Re: Let down

    Leighahh, one good letdown per breast in 20 minutes of pumping sounds about right to me -- especially since this is with a manual pump and it's AFTER you've nursed your baby, right?

    If you're trying to increase your supply, or prevent it from dropping b/c of the nipple shield, then rest assured that pumping 15 to 17 minutes without a 2nd letdown is still stimulating your breasts even if milk is not coming out. If there are real signs of a low milk supply, then we'll have to talk about further measures -- but let's cross that bridge only if you get to it.


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