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Thread: overnight with hubby

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    Hi all,
    Just a few questions or looking for some ideas. DD is 12 1/2 months drinks ebm during the day when Im at work, and nurses frequently at night. I am only able to pump about 4-8 oz a day and need that for the days that I work. She eats plenty of solid foods but refuses CM. I really want to go overnight with my husband sometime soon as we both really need to have a break and relax even for just a quick getaway but I am nervous that grandma and Grandpa and possible big sister will be awake all night with a baby that won't sleep without her mamma milk. Has anyone had experience with this. Will I never be able to go away until she is night weaned? Or will she maybe do okay if she knows mommy is not there and that she will have to wait till the next day to get her milkies. I did leave her with a little rice milk in a sippy cup the other night when we went to dinner and she took a few sips. Sorry for rambling but I think DH and mommy will both be more enthusiastic about extended BF day and night if we can figure out a way to get a very occasional night off for a mom and dad vacation.

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    I think they are completely different when mamma and the milkies is not around!

    I went away for the first time when my lo was 2 1/2 and still bf at night!
    No problem whatsoever. She hardly noticed I was gone.

    Enjoy yourself! Really!

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