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Thread: HOW MUCH is enough? Dont want to drop milk supply

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    Default HOW MUCH is enough? Dont want to drop milk supply

    I know its different for each baby, but I am in that gray zone of beginning solids right now with my babies. I have 7.5 mo old twins and they started solids around 6 months old.
    Here is my question---
    After you introduce solids, does the amount of BM a baby needs decrease? WHat does this look like---baby doesnt ask to nurse as many times or shorter time at the breast?

    My babies show great interest in solid food. I am nursing about 5-7 times a day and 1-3 times a night (unfortunately!). They are getting solids twice a day right now. When I begin feeding them solid food, they seem to never want to stop. Of course, I want to feed them, but I am unsure how much to give them for fear that they will wean too soon.

    AND--how do you feed them solids right after your nurse if they fall asleep right after you nurse??
    I usually feed them when they wake from their naps...

    Over time...will they just stop asking to nurse as they are full from other foods?

    thanks for any experience or wisdom you can share!

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    Default Re: HOW MUCH is enough? Dont want to drop milk supply

    From what I understand about baby led weaning, the second you are introducing solids you are begining the gradual process of weaning. How are you feeding the solids? Are you allowing them to feed themselves? There is little chance they will eat past hungry if you choose this route. This way you can also allow them the freedom to paste it all over themselves and explore new textures ect. I would imagine that so long as you offer the breast, and keep an eye on how hard the poops are all will be well. They are active, alert and have good amounts of wet dipes?

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    Default Re: HOW MUCH is enough? Dont want to drop milk supply

    I introduced first solids to my son almost 4 months ago. I let him determine what and how much he wanted, and he wanted very little of the solids until about a month ago. Now he eats something solid whenever I eat, but often it is only a bite or two. Sometimes it's a couple of tablespoons worth. He definitely nurses a bit less if he has recently eaten a larger volume of solids (although he seems to like washing the food down with a few sips of breast milk), and I notice it as either less frequent nursing or shorter duration (it seems to vary).

    I think different babies take to solids differently and respond to the combo of bfing and solids differently. You may even find that each of your babies responds differently. Also, if they are falling asleep nursing, I would take that as a sign that no solids are wanted or needed at that time.

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