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Thread: Nursing a toddler in public/around others...

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    my daughter is 21 1/2 months..i still nurse her on demand and wherever we are...i do ask her to wait if i am busy or we are rushing around in public..i dont drop everything but i will nurse her regardless of where we are..i dont have any plans on stopping anytime soon..at first i was a bit uncomfortable when we first began nurseing and than i went i just dont see what the big deal is..im feeding her .. who cares if she is 1 week or 2 years..she has a need and i am meeting it..
    do what your comfortable with..

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    Didn't know I was such a freak!I nurse my 27 mo in public quite often. I do it discreetly in a sling or on a bench with a cover.

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    I haven't really noticed before, but now that you mention it I have found myself nursing less and less in public now that my LO is reaching 18 months old. Mostly because she doesn't ask for it. She'll let me know she's hungry and thirsty, but she takes food and a sippy cup just fine when I offer them to her.

    If she were to insist on nursing I'd probably be just as happy to let her, hehe. Though I suppose I have been offering the other things first instead because she is very active when she BFs and likes to expose me as much as possible heh. That can be a little embarrassing in public since I don't use any sort of cover ups.

    I used to get all kinds of comments while BFing in public when she was little (positive ones) but no one says a single thing if I do BF nowadays, which I'm fine with. I'd rather have no comments than negative ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toricaswell View Post
    i want the women of the next generation to not have to fight the same battles as we do,
    so i will fight! with love, with patience and with my perky breasts.
    your breast are still perky after all this nursing?! i am SO jealous.

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    With my ds, it was easy because he rarely asked when out and about. Though I do remember one totally memorable occasion when I was about 9 mos pregnant with my dd, we were at a museum and my ds walked in to a wall. He was a little over 2 and we rarely nursed in public (mostly his choice). But he was hurting! So there I was, with my big, big, belly, nursing my 2 yr old in a museum for all to see. But he needed it so I didn't really care.
    With my dd, she asked to nurse way more often out and about as a toddler. I really had to think sometimes about where I was, who was there, what she needed, etc. She's small so many times, up until age 2, I barely gave it a passing thought. But as she got into her 3's and up it would depend on our circumstances -- how great was her need, where we were, who we were with. Sometimes the answer was yes and sometimes it was "just as soon as we are in the car" or "when we get home". Then, as she approached age 4, I could prep her in advance. "When we get to such and such place we won't 'ishy' there, but we can as soon as we get home" or something like that. The code word really helped! She would announce to everyone as we left, "I'm going to ishy!" and everyone would just smile and nod.

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    My DD is 20 1/2 months and I still nurse her whenever wherever. At times I do feel a little uneasy about it if there's men in the room that I don't really know or something, but I do it anyways. Everyone can just deal with it. It's not like they see anything anyways. I'd be more embarrassed to have her start throwing a fit and screaming than I would be just nursing her. That's just me though.
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    Mine are 15 months, and I still do it wherever, but Sophia actually does not tolerate nursing in public. She has to be in on the action. I usually find a private place to feed her. Josiah is oblivious to anything but the boob, so he's fine. Also, I have never, and, barring a catastrophe, will never nurse the two of them together in public, especially not now that Sophia likes to nurse standing up and Josiah likes to nurse with his feet up at my neck...
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    I have nursed my 21 mth old at a 'Butterfly Farm' in a busy cafe yesterday. I certainly had no problems, I think it is OK and also important too! B/c the more people see 'it', the more acceptable and classified as 'norm' it will be, BF a toddler (and a baby).

    I have BF both my toddler(s) in public places, hasn't had any problems. But somehow I think this could be partly something to do with being in the UK. B/c British people are the shy type too reserved to come up to you and say what they think.

    With my family BF a toddler in front of them is OK, b/c they love me and accept me for warts and all even if they are embarrassed about it. But on the other-hand my DH's family hadn't accepted the way I choose to raise my children, they had found seeing a baby BF just gone passed 6 mths old very difficult to watch; so the end result is I don't see them and they don't want to see me.
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