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Thread: Eats constantly - normal?

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    MissPeyton, you saved me an hour ago. DS wanted to eat.....yet again. My boobs are so swollen and I'm sore and I'm tired of being touched! After hearing him cry just after I put him down for his nap, the hungry cry, I couldn't help but let out a frustrated loud moan (not really a yell, I didn't want to scare DD, but as close as I could get to one, can't yell outside, live around too many retired folks). As I went to get him, I thought of you and all the other new moms juggling babies and toddlers and how tired all of you are and I felt a bit better. I'm not alone. Yesterday I cannot count how many times he ate off of each breast twice in one setting.

    I don't know how much this kid is going to grow and I'm amazed at how he is eating. I'm changing a ton of poopy and wet diapers a day, more than my toddler! I don't think I ever imagined a baby could gain 4 pounds, two 1/2 inches in length, and almost three inches on his head in only one month. He is getting so big soooo fast! DH is very tall and his grandfather was 6'7", so I think DS is trying to reach that before the age of one.

    So, anyhow, another for you and all the other mommies out there. I keep telling myself "its only for a short period of time, before long DS will be crawling and etc. I CAN DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!" Sleep will return to my life someday......I just don't know when.

    Oh, and just to get it off of my chest, another annoyance at the present time......I am so freaking tired of laundry! I never did this much with DD. I just cannot understand how a little boy can go through so much in one freaking day. Okay, I feel better now. Now I have to go put a load into the dryer and another one into the washer. I think I'll make me another cup of coffee to relax with while I do this. Both kids are asleep right now!!!!! HOOORAY!
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    Oh this is absolutely so normal!!! You just hang in there. It sounds like a growth spurt, mine went through the exact same thing, AT the exact same time, and I felt just like you did- only he is my only child! It lasted about a week, and like clockwork, the hourly feedings vanished. Hang in there mamma. It'll get easier soon. Just grab ya some snacks through this marathon feeding, and things will get back to normal!
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