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Thread: baby crying whilst feeding

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    Default baby crying whilst feeding

    Hi, I have a friend who would like some help,(she doesn't have the internet)

    Her 5 week old baby, is gaining weight fine, latched on correctly, bf regular and generally happy, but over the past week has started pulling away off the breast and crying for no apparent reason, really arching his back and pushing out his belly, she hasn't changed anything in what is in her diet, and her doctor says that the baby is health!
    Any ideas why the baby is doing this?

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    Default Re: baby crying whilst feeding

    Maybe have her try nursing in different positions. My son went through a phase like that and would only nurse lying down. It passed in a few weeks but was very perplexing. Good luck.


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    I'm having the same problem, I'm out of ideas. DS was put on Zantac and it seemed to help then it came back so we increased the dose and its still not helping. It was so bad last night he was screaming crying just showing him the breast before he even tryed to latch on. The doc thinks its colic or reflux

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    My 2 month old son does this once in a while and I found an article on kellymom very helpful in determing the reason and finding a solution. In his case, he gets frustrated with the slow flow of my breasts compared to the bottle and doing breast compressions and switching sides a few times will calm him down. Other times, I just have to be patient and wait it out.

    Here's the article:
    My baby fusses or cries during nursing - what's the problem?

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    Default Re: baby crying whilst feeding

    Mine did this too, and we overcame and nursed until just last month, when he weaned himself. Several reasons:

    Reflux -- anyone who has had heartburn knows a little bit how this feels. Zantac and an upright nursing postion helped a lot. I wish then I had had this forum or I might have been able to find more stuff to help us out.

    Overactive letdown -- my letdown was like a firehose. It was fine at first with no problems nursing, but he finally had had enough of being drowned and would nurse for a little while and then pull off and cry and cry. It would take a while before I could get him back on.

    Oversupply -- I had a ton of milk. I could have nursed several babies. He was getting flooded, on top of an incompetent gastroesophageal sphincter.

    I had to change peds a couple times before I found one who would LISTEN and ACKNOWLEDGE that something could be wrong and not just tell me to stop nursing.

    Hang in there!
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