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Thread: bf in public

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    Practice makes perfect. What I found to be the best thing to help me nip with confidence is having dh there with me. He's never had an issue with it and no one ever looks sideways at me with a him sitting right there. Who would with a ginormous sumo wrestler-looking guy right there.

    That said, there are times that I'm actually more comfy in the car nursing. Especially if Drew is fussier than normal.

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    all the other mommas have given good advice. i just wanted share with you my favourite combination of nursing wear for nip... a nursing tank under a front opening shirt. ) cardigan, button down light jacket etc...)

    the nursing tank unclasps for easy exposure ( the best IMHO are from bravado designs...do'nt even waste your money on the store brands or the glamourmom...especially if you are larger chested. not enough support and those crazy crappy nursing holes. the bravado's are so much better...)

    once babe is latched on , pull the over shirt around if you need to...the tank covers up your tummy and babe's head covers everything else my babe didn't like being covered up by a blanket or a hooter hider...they got kicked off or fussed over pretty straight off. this way, you are wearing everything so it can't fall off

    good luck. it also helped to start with baby steps...start at a friends house and with family at their house. then i moved to the car in the parking lot of the mall...then the changeroom at the mall...soon we were going everywhere. if you build up your confidence, you will both be such pros that by the time you are NIP for real, you will hardly notice it at all

    have fun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by newmamma08 View Post
    okay. i was ready to get out of the house.... mustered up my confidence, and went out in my very small town with LO. he had to eat as soon as we got to the mall. i believe in bf anywhere, but found myself moving to a cramped dressing room. i was so mad at myself.... its his food!!! what do you all do--- are people ever rude?????
    love to ya mammas!!
    I must admit I used to be one of those narrow-minded people who used to give nursing moms dirty looks because I thought it was gross. Now I have realized how utterly ignorant that is and am working towards being comfortable enough to NIP. If someone has a problem with it that is THEIR problem, not ours. I am not going to deny my son when he is hungry. I'm looking into getting a nursing cover just so I can feel more comfortable and not have to fight with a blanket.

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    i can't embed a video on here, i have a really great youtube video about nip...

    go here:
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    i use a hooter hider when i nip it covers me and my 6 month old and nobody can see us but i can see her. it just takes time to get more comfortable doing it. the more you nip the easier it will get. the first time is always the hardiest. i used to nurse in the car and i even nursed in a bathroom once! yukk! felt bad about that and never nursed in a bathroom agian.

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    another nip video from youtube

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