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Thread: bf in public

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    Here's some resources to help boost your confidence...

    Practice makes perfect. You can do it!

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    I can't just whip it out, but I do love my trusty Hooter Hider! I never go anywhere without it! It's funny how we are so self-concious when our babies are little when we are learning. They are easier to hide, ect. But it's when they are big, hanging out of the cover, pulling it off, moving around, that we seem to be more comfortable!
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    Practicing in front of a mirror at home helped me get comfortable NIP. I realized that I was actually a lot more discreet than I thought!

    The more you do it, the easier it will get!
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    I know what you mean - my DD is 8 weeks old and up until recently, I found myself timing all of my errands so I could be home in time to BF! Then I realized that it just wasn't working for either of us. The other day I fed her in the mother's room at Babies 'R Us, and another mom holding a bottle and her baby almost came into the room but she seemed uncomfortable with it, and wouldn't come in the room! I found that ironic.

    I did find a very nice mother's room at the outlets we were at today, but so far that's as far as I've gone. I'm slowly working up to being able to NIP completely!

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    im not at the point where i feel comfortable bf in public, i tend to find a baby changing room if i need to, but..it is something i would hope i could get to, but not at the moment.........i deffo do not want a year of dissapearing off onto a changing room to feed him!
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    It definitely gets easier with practice.

    If your child is one of those that won't nurse covered up (like mine) it may also help to dress for nursing. In the beginning for me, this meant wearing 2 shirts when I went out. I wear a tank top or chemise under my shirt so I can pull the tank down and my shirt up and all that shows is my boob (which baby covers for me while she eats. Another option is a t-shirt and button down shirt combo- you can unbutton from the top down and pull the t-shirt up for boob access. That way you don't have belly or boob hanging out.

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    Sometimes you are just forced upon it. Like for instance we were at a mall and there just weren't any "good hiding places" to nurse. So your mother instinct just comes out and you worry more about feeding your crying babe who only wants there right to a fresh meal than offending anyone. So I plopped down on a bench and through a blanket over us and if anyone had a problem it was theres not mine. You just get to a piont you won't care.
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    My advice is "don't hide to bf".

    When I go to the mall, I just sit on a bench and bf. Tell them to cover their heads with a blanket if it makes them uncomfortable to see a baby nursing. Moreover woth a nursing top, 99% of people will think your LO is sleeping.

    Good luck

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    I usually wear 2 shirts, a tank and a shirt over it (mainly because I don't want people seeing my belly!) and I just pull my breast over the neck of the undershirt and then pull the top shirt up. I'm more uncomfy with someone seeing my belly than my boobs, hence the 2 shirts. But you may find something like that works really well for you because with that no one can even tell you're nursing (which I prefer because here where I live if you're breastfeeding people run up and gawk and talk to you as it isn't very common, which isn't bad persay BUT it distracts my baby when she's trying to go to sleep)

    I agree that it does take practice, not just for you but for baby as well. I currently can't nurse much in public because it overwhelms my 2 month old. All the sounds and noise and she will fuss and can't keep focus on what she's doing. So she has to learn how to ignore everything going on around us as well. Out of 4 children she's the only one so far that is easily distracted by noise while breastfeeding so I have to listen to her and learn with her while she learns the art of nursing You and your baby will get there, it just takes time

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    My attitude about BF'ing in public is that "if you saw something, you were LOOKING to see it". I didn't go out of my way to BF in public, but if the hour arose and I was out and about, it was time to eat!

    If my G'pa, who is 79 years old, supports my BF'ing, and actually ENCOURAGED me to do it in public, I don't care what anyone else says! As he puts it - "It's the best, most natural thing in the world, FEED THAT BABY!"

    I know it's a comfort level for all -- But, I promise, it will get easier to feed in public.

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