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Thread: I don't understand...Breastfeeding after adoption

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    Default I don't understand...Breastfeeding after adoption

    My husband and I are planning...or rather hoping...to adopt our 4th child sometime in the next year or two. Assuming that we adopt a younger baby, I have every intention of nursing the new baby. I probably won't push too much with an older baby/toddler unless they are VERY interested.

    I know better than to share our plan with most people, they just do not understand. But even a few closer friends who have not seemed to have an issue with my nursing our 22 month old practically recoiled in horror when I mentioned nursing our next child.

    We are so desperately wanting to expand our family, I guess I was hoping to have one or two close confidants who really supported us. One of my closest friends is a twice adoptive mom who completely understands the bonding issues related to adoption and even she thinks I am crazy.


    On another note, has anyone adopted and tried to breastfeed a younger baby while also nursing an older toddler? Would you wait until the baby is here and then just start the regular nursing routine of an infant, counting on your body to adjust? I don't respond well to a pump so I don't know that it would help to start pumping in advance.

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    Default Re: I don't understand...Breastfeeding after adoption

    I'm SO SORRY people have reacted that way to your intention to nurse your next baby What an amazing gift you will give that child and it's so sad that people are so ignorant to the benefits of BF. Why, if it'sin your power to do so, would you give this baby any less than you gave your biological children? Anyway, I'm glad you know better than to take their reactions to heart

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    Default Re: I don't understand...Breastfeeding after adoption

    This is a helpful resource:

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