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Thread: gaining weight?

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    Default gaining weight?

    Does anyone else feel like they're gaining weight since they've started weaning? I know it makes sense (since the milk factory is lowering production) and I probably just need to eat less---but I feel like my appetite isn't lessening!

    I was just wondering if I was the only one...

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    No its happening to me too. so far, since I began weaning like a week and a half ago, I have gained 4.5 lbs. and my dd is still nursing at night and sometimes during the day. So your definitely not alone if you are gaining. Good luck with the weaning and I'm guessing wants your hormones return to a more pre-pregnancy state maybe your appetite will also return to a non-bf state...if that makes any sense. Best of luck!!!

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    Default Re: gaining weight?

    I just night weaned recently, and I gained a few pounds. My appetite has not gone down though

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    Default Re: gaining weight?

    I'm really hoping I'm one of the ones that loses weight when weaning is complete! :-P

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