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Thread: Nursing less - normal for age?

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    Default Nursing less - normal for age?

    My baby was born 9 weeks early - he was due Christmas Eve and was born Oct. 23. He spent 5 1/2 weeks in the hospital and I stayed at the hospital to that whole time to be close to him and pump milk for him and get breastfeeding established. I am proud to say that we came home at 36 weeks with him fully breastfeeding and without him having to have one bottle in the hospital!

    Anyway, the first few weeks he was home, he only woke to nurse every 3 hours as was his schedule in the hospital. Closer to his due date, he started nursing every 2 hours. Then about a week ago, he caught a cold from my other DC. He was coughing, but that cleared up after a couple days. Since the day he started coughing, he has not nursed well, only for a few minutes a time and going to closer to 3 hours before nursing again (a few times a day I can still get a good nursing in 15 to 20 min). His diapers have been fine and he appears to still be gaining weight. He doesn't seem too uncomfortable from the cold, but he still seems a little stuffy and might have a little fever. He will be 4 months old in a few days, but only 2 months old corrected age. It has been very confusing watching him meet certain milestones, but not yet others (he can roll over, stand supported, but does not have a lot of head support or eye contact yet). So I don't know if I should expect him to still be nursing like a 2 month old or more like a 4 month old!

    This weekend I have been questioning if my milk supply is overactive, so I have refrained from pumping to try to reduce it and trying to keep him on one breast for a few hours to see if that helps. He has trouble with let-down and has a tendency to burp and spit up. But until recently, it hasn't bothered him. He doesn't get supplemental bottles or pacifiers. And he is a big baby - at over 14 lbs now at almost 2 months corrected!

    Tomorrow, I think I might take him to the Dr. since he has had this cold for 10 days now to rule out a silent ear infection or sore throat that could be making him not wanting to nurse.

    I am very glad to be breastfeeding - I never thought I would when he was first born and the weeks he was in the hospital! But I am sad that just as he was starting to nurse well (just the last couple weeks), that we are already at the quick, distractable nursing part!


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    Default Re: Nursing less - normal for age?

    Wow, congratulations...on all counts! It sounds like you have been through quite a lot and both of you have come through like champs!

    The one thing I would like to suggest is speaking to your Dr. about the possibility of Acid Reflux (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). It is not uncommon among preemies, and can lead to some feeding challenges among other things. Nothing you said really screams out to me that that is what is going on, but it is not uncommon for GERD babies to comfort feed, and so gain weight really well, and then have an especially rough patch of reflux (which can be exacerbated by colds, teething, etc) and start becoming averse to feeding.

    Again, I'm not hearing you say anything that really says GERD, but it would be worth mentioning it IMO, just to be sure.

    And again, Congratualtions on walking such a long road so well!

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