I didn't think I'd be here anytime soon!

Magnolia is 18 months, and didn't show any signs of stopping soon (nursed twice a day since 12 mo, and she was very serious about those 2 times!). She quit the am session about a month ago, which didn't bother me one bit. I've kind of been ready to be totally done since she was 14 mo, but not 100%, so I wasn't going to initiate the weaning or anything like that (and I had just informed DH that I would be nursing until she was ready to quit).

Well, she always asked for 'boop' when we went to lay her in her crib at night. About 2 weeks ago, we started taking walks around 6:30, and inevitably, she would be asleep by the time we got home (no matter how short or long the walk was). She didn't wake up during the night to ask for it, as she normally did if she didn't nurse right before bed. Anyway, the last 4 nights she's been awake when we lay her down, and she hasn't asked for it, hasn't woken up during the night (at all), hasn't tried to 'free the boops' as she sometimes does during the day, nothing. I think she's done.

It's very strange. I'm not really sad (a little, though), just kind of surprised, I guess. I thought it was going to be a process with lots of emotions from both of us, not just....ok, done, that's it and going about the rest of the days like normal. I'm not really sure what to think about it...huh...