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Thread: Reverse Cycling?

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    Could it be that my ds is reverse cycling. I have been wracking my brain as to why were getting up throughout the night so much over the past week and a half.... He did have some new teeth come but those symptoms have seemed to subside but after much thought and examining our routine I am thinking it could be reverse cycling but don't know enough about reversing to say yeah or nay... I have found that I have either eliminated or reduced nursing directly after work. We used to have a full session right when we got home and now I am finding that we either don't or it's not a full session... But now he's getting up a lot (goes down at 8:30-9:00 up at 12:45, 2:45, 4:30 and 6:30) HE was sleeping through the night 9:00 - 7:00am when I would wake him up. Before that he was only getting up once. I can wholly function with getting up once but this every couple hours is not healthy for either of us. He's getting up nursing once side- fully and sometimes both and then falling back to sleep. So my question is, how do I stop this cycle? Will adding back that session be enough? He did put himself back to sleep last night but I felt guilty about it- he was crying and I really couldn't get up, by the time I got up he was down to a whimper and when I went in his room he was almost back to sleep, I stood nad listened and he went back down. This was over a 2-5 minute period. He never was balling but I still feel guilty. We co-sleep on occasion but it's not a full time option for us. TIA, sorry so long!

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    I work too, and have stopped pumping, so we aren't going to nightwean anytime soon. One of mine still sleeps well at night, the other is wanting to nurse ever 2hrs like your LO. It's VERY stressful sometimes. I don't really have a solution for you. I think trying to get more nursing in before bed helps sometimes, and getting in a good dinner of solid foods with protein after a nursing helps sometimes, but it doesn't fix it entirely. I can't decide if I think she's going to be getting molars soon or if she just wants mommy all night long. It happens even on weekends when she's been able to nurse all day so I don't think it's the milk per se. She's been rejecting a lot of solid food so I suspect it might be teething sometime in the near future.

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