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    have an all-day job interview in just a few weeks and I'm not sure how to handle the pumping issue. I'll be back to work next week and plan to pump 3x during the workday. However, my all day interview is at a the University where I'll be meeting with several different groups of people as well as schmoozing during lunch and (maybe) dinner. Should I ask them to build time in the schedule for pumping? Howabout just once, at lunch? Will I leak too much if I go 5-7 hours without pumping? Worse yet, what will my ds eat the next day? And does anyone think my pumping request will be held against me in job consideration? I'll pump anyhow but I just know I'll be mommy-tracked for it.

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    Hi there -- For your health - as well as for your baby's meals the next day - you really *do* need to pump. It's not at all unreasonable to speak with the HR person or whoever is in charge of planning your day-long interview and mention that you will need 2 15-20 minute breaks during the day, possibly one more before dinner if that happens, so that you can take care of this. Ask if there are lactation rooms available or for pointers to a low-traffic restroom, etc. Depending on where you are, because of course there are exceptions, alot of Universities are pretty aware and hopefully progressive about things like this. All the new buildings on the new campus of the university at which I work have lactation rooms in them - OK; some of this came with some struggles by us lactating moms, but it's still progress.

    As for the fear of being 'mommy tracked', try to look at it in a different way. You are who you are - and that's a balanced mix of several important dedications. You are obviously respected for your professional skills and talents if you are being interviewed. Part of your total package IS that you are a mom, and a lactating one. I think it's really important not to make apologies as moms for the fact that we ARE moms. This (the lactation/pumping part) is just one phase of our life and we won't always need 15 minutes here and there to take care of this biological need. The more used to it the general working/professional communities become that we're here and part of the integral network of progress, the better.

    Just my thoughts.....congrats on your baby and on your interview....good luck - and do mention that you will need those breaks!!

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    I agree, you definitely need to pump to comfort. Maybe not until completely empty, but we don't want you to have more problems.

    Ask your baby's caregiver not to feed him in the hour or two before you're expected back, so that baby is ready to nurse when you get there!
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