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Thread: Advice for upcoming nightshift...

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    Default Advice for upcoming nightshift...

    DD is almost a year! I've been back at work during normal day hours since she turned about 3 months. I'm in the process of trying to cut down on my daytime pumping and just bf at night and in the am - although I'm not really doing so well with this since I'm still pumping at least 2x per 9 hr day...

    Anyway, I have to work 12 hr nightshift coming up in about 4 weeks. Is there anything I should be doing to try to prep DD for the change - or help me with the change?

    By the way - DD still wakes at least 2x per night to eat and I'll be sending her to my sis during the day just like she does now for me to sleep...

    Any advice out there?
    Kerry - first time mom to Isabella Grace 3/2/07

    Still nursing at 16 months, working, and trying to balance my life!

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    I work 12 hr overnight shifts, and I pump every 4 hrs that I'm at work. I start work at 7pm - so I feed baby as much as I can till I leave for work around 6, then pump at 10pm, 2am and 5:30-6am just before I leave. I have been able to maintain my supply that way. I hope it can continue - I've been lucky to have supportive co-workers who have been able to cover me while I'm pumping (i'm a nurse), but if its time to pump and I'm too busy to get away, I try to make sure I go as soon as I have the chance. Good luck! You can do it!!!

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    Default Re: Advice for upcoming nightshift...

    I want to know the same things. What do babies do when mamas aren't in bed at night?
    Stephanie, mom to Jaime Hoban 11/04/07 and Annika Jayne 12/21/09

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