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    Any one in here with any input on when a VERY EXTENDED NURSER might wean on her own? Just wondering if I'll be getting a call from College, asking me to overnight her a few shots of momma milk.

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    Have you read How Weaning Happens? It's a quick read with a lot of stories from moms in all situations. Several of the stories are of older nurslings weaning on their own or a little encouragement from mom.

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    Love to know how hold your extended nurser is. My stubborn little boy will not give up. he's 6 and says it's the best drink in the world and he wants to continue until he is 90. I know he will die of embarassment when he is a teenager and remembers back, so have been trying to persuade him to give up. We have agreed to stop when he is 7, the day after his birthday party, and when he has stopped for a week, I will give him some money. He now wants to back out of the deal, so we'll see.

    Have you read "Mothering your nursing toddler" - it mentions a few this kind of age, and ultimately they just stop

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    I just joined up here, but all of my children have weaned on their own. They've nursed for a long time, but those last years (yes, I did say years) were more & more sporadic, and during the last year, they probably only nursed maybe once every few months, and actually I never knew when it was the last time. My girls are 8 & 6 now, and both nursed till they were around 5. My son turned 4 last week, and he is mostly weaned. Since I didn't have another baby after him (to bring the milk back), he's given it up easier & sooner than the girls did. Also, he prefers to suck his thumb, and has never really liked to nurse for comfort or for very long either.

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