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Thread: need help with solids - what to give?? 8.5 months old

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    Exclamation need help with solids - what to give?? 8.5 months old

    I am really in need of some help.

    DS is small for his age - following the normal growth curve, at 5 %, but just small - healthy, alert. He is about 14.5 lbs - came home from the hospital at 6lbs, 0oz - lost over 1.5 lbs in the hospital in 3 days - was in NICU.

    We are nursing about 6 times a day, and about 2-3 times at night. We have been feeding banana pieces , teether biscuits, or a jar of chicken 1 time per day for solids intro.

    Question I have is: I don't know what to feed him!!!

    I would like to nurse him as much as possible and minimize solids until at least a year because he is so small and I want him to get as much nutrition from BM as possible. I have just started solids because he just seems so hungry all the time - he screams and bangs his hands when he sees me pull out a bagel or some yogurt for me to eat on the run - I actually hide in another room to eat because he makes such a fuss.

    I dont' know what to feed him so that he is satisfied but is not filling up on things other than BM, or am I doing this wrong?? I'm really not sure what I should be doing. He obviously wants to eat and INHALES anything that is in front of him - he wants to eat so badly - what should I do??? I am really at a loss. Help me!!!

    We have our 9 month checkup in 3 weeks, but I don't really trust what the ped has to say - I want some advice from some nursing moms - thanks!!!!

    Also, no bottles - but he is only on one breast for about 2-3 minutes, pulls of and screams, I try to put him back on the same side and he screams until I switch him to the other side - I switch back and forth like this about 5 times in a nursing session to keep him on the breast - I have tried to keep him on one side for the whole session, but he pulls off and screams and hits my breast - I have tried compressions - doesn't seem to help.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: need help with solids - what to give?? 8.5 months old

    avacodo is realy high in good fats.
    At almost 9 months any thing would bet good. I would hold off on plain cows milk and things like tree nuts and soy, shell fish stuff that normaly bother small babies. He might be happy just to self feed. does he have any theeth?
    Cold dry cereal might be something that he would like to self feed, stay away from the kinds that are mostly sugar, my kids like o's. my kids loved to eat beagals too, they are kind of hard after you toast them and its hard to get big parts off.
    heres a link from lll

    and this one is good too but not lll


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    Default Re: need help with solids - what to give?? 8.5 months old

    I have a book called First Meals and it is really helpful. it gives ideas a reciped for making your own food. It has meals plans all the way to 5 years. I also like wholesomebabyfood.com

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    Default Re: need help with solids - what to give?? 8.5 months old

    As long as you nurse before offering solids, your baby can usually be a good guide to how much solids to give as long as the choices you're offering are nurtient-rich and healthy. I gave DS mostly finger-foods.

    Some things that came to mind:

    Organic O's (no wheat, though)
    small pieces of soft/very ripe fruit (melon, peaches, etc. but no berries until later... pears were in season when my DS was this age)
    small pieces of tofu
    soft-cooked lentils or beans
    at 10 months I offered limited amounts of yogurt or cottage cheese (obviously not a finger food)

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