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Thread: driven near insanity via twiddling

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    My 23 month old is a big time twiddler. He also loves to shove his feet in my face too. At ngiht , right before bed, he nurses so well and just relaxes...but any other time I nurse him during the day he is all over the place...grabbing me, trying to tickle me. I try to unlatch him but that doesn't even work anymore. I do try to give him something he usually isn't allowed to play with like my cell phone and that seems to distract him for at least a couple of minutes.

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    my lo scratches at the back of the leather recliner, it drives me insane!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ah, I am having flashbacks to when I was nursing YDD!!!!! She was a twiddler too, it drove me nuts!
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    My dd is 6 months old, and has just started this! I ordered a nursing necklace from one of the mama's on here! She did a fantastic job, it is actually a "story" necklace made specifically for my dd! She also has had safety ratings on her stuff!

    I am hoping that I caught this early enough! Maybe I can prevent "toddler twiddling." Maybe not... but If you would like her name, PM me and I can give you the info if you maybe wanna check out her nursing necklaces!
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