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Thread: driven near insanity via twiddling

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    Default Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    Quote Originally Posted by KathrynK View Post
    to you. I feel your pain. I too have a big time twiddler. We are currently dealing with the same thing, he twiddles the other nipple, and sometimes pinches hard. He is trying to speed up the let down. I have to keep his nails clipped and filed, because he also scratches me.
    He also picks my skin tags...Eme...I would have never admitted that, if you hadn't first
    At times it gets so frustrating. No matter how many times I grab his hand, hold it down...cover my other breast, it still goes on. I have tried distractions as well.
    He seems to be migrating to the belly button too. So far he just pokes it. At least that would give the nipple a rest.

    Dorothy, ds is an acrobat nurser as well. He smiles, pauses, and then dives on like he's attacking his prey. He goes from side to side until I let down, and lately turns his whole head upside down. The acrobats do not bother me if we are at home, but when we're out and about I am more firm with him about it.

    I wish I had some advice to offer, but you are not alone with this.

    Yep - he got one of those too! OUCH! I keep joking that he'll be a dermatologist when he grows up be cause he is facinated with all my skin issues
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    I am so confused! How on earth did everyone get to the point where they have twiddling toddlers?? Really no one had a child that was driving them batty with this in the 1st year? My thoughts to the original poster were "WOW how lucky you are that you got to 21 months before it became an issue!" But then so MANY of you showed up....I feel a little silly saying this but I got DJ a nursing necklace to redirect to when he was very young and actually caused stress induced psoriasis when he was about 6months old.
    And my advice is if you having someone starting to fiddle, get a nursing necklace and the sooner the better. Because it DOES become something they need as much as the nursing and it becomes very hard to redirect. Much like thumb sucking or hair twiddling. And the longer you allow it the worse it gets. But with a nursing necklace not only is there something to play with, but you can talk about it too! The things that are on it and the colors and the different textures! I loved mine. We don't need it anymore. He outgrew the need to twiddle. But he still loves his necklace! Anyone who wants more info on one can PM and I'll tell you where I got mine!

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    Default Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    Hate to be discouraging! My 3 year old twiddles the other nipple. I HATE IT!!
    It's not so bad during the day when I have a bra on. At night though!
    I have to sleep with one hand over the other boobie.
    Good grief.
    I do talk to her about it though. Sometimes we end up nearly wrestling LOL.

    Nursing necklace! I never had heard of that before!!

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    Default Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    Good lord, I can't believe some of these LOs have pulled skin off! Mine were both biters from an early age so I have a very low threshold for any kind of bad nursing etiquette. I broke them of the biting by unlatching them when they did it, and that worked very well for the hitting/scratching/gouging etc. along with redirection when that came up later on. They were doing it to me as well as each other. We play finger games, they handle toys, squirm around, practice the "milk" sign, I tickle their feet, play with a blanket, lots of things to redirect them. At this point the most they'll do is slap my stomach with an open hand, and I redirect that to the furniture. When it comes down to it they like nursing and will behave to get it, you have the right to instill some manners.

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    That's what I do when he's annoying me. He thinks it's hysterical for me to pretend bite his hands/feet. Most of the time I just let the twiddling go though unless he's hurting me. He really seems to need the security of having both nipples accounted for. It's weird, but he gets very distressed sometimes if I hide the other one or don't let him touch it. Though in public, I try to keep it to a minimum. Most of the time when I'm out I'm nursing him in my wrap, so he's tummy to tummy and not all handsy.

    Quote Originally Posted by lsksam View Post
    I give DS something else to play with / hold. It can be a teddy bear, a book, pretty much anything. And when I'm tired of DS putting his fingers in my mouth, nose & ears I try to distract him by making a game out of him trying to "catch" one of my fingers and grab it. I have more problems with DS wanting to shove a foot in my face so I can kiss his toes. When he does the foot in the face thing I try to divert to "this little piggy" and I make up different things for each time.

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    Default Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    some of your stories are really discouraging!
    but thanks for the honesty!

    i can not imagine my son making me bleed or ripping of moles while nursing,
    it seems like such a negative behavior to overshadow such a loving one.

    i agree that distracting early can help the habit not form.
    i wish i had done this,
    the reason that i didn't is b/c i am a minimalist and the idea of having to have a nursing necklace to nurse wasn't something i wanted to do.
    the same reason i don't have a breast pump or lots of stuff marketed to parents.
    to me, less is more.
    now i'm regretting not using a nursing necklace b/c my son twiddling that rather than me sounds wonderful!

    i have been being consistent and firm about twiddling and even though he still does it, it has been getting progressively better everyday.

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    Default Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    My absolute favorite is when he sticks his toe in my ear, or kicks me in the head, or rams a toy car up my nose.

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    Default Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    oh boy - we've got this going on right now too. dd always twiddles the opposite nipple, especially when she is going to sleep. last night she pinches me with her fingernails and cut my nipple ouch! if i try to keep her hands away she throws a huge fit and takes much longer to get to sleep. ugh.

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    Default Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    OMG! I'm not alone!

    My 23 month old does this all the time.. She likes to run her fingers in my hair and put her hand between my breast and her mouth and pull... UGH!

    thank you for reassuring me that I'm not actually going crazy.. but have kindered spirits out there!


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    Default Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    this doesnt work at night...but during the day, when ds reaches up to get my armpit, i go right after his....as soon as he lifts his arm i stick my finger in his armpit like im going to tickle him.....i dont even tickle, just the threat of having my finger there bothers him enough....he still reaches but usually stops after a few times when he realizes im not going to stop
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