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    My 5 months old dauther has eczema since she was 3 months old. Her Dr. told me that I can start Solids now, but I'm so afraid that a lot of people say babies with eczema may have allegies. I'm planning to keep breast feeding as long as I can. Is it a good idea to start solids now? or hold for a while?
    Please give me advice.

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    I have been told that it can be caused by allergies as well (not sure what, though). I think 5 months might be a little early to start. I know that is not a lot of help. I didn't want to leave you hangin". Someone else will chime in with more advice (if you can call my post advice).

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    Hello ! My 5 1/2 month old has excema too. Atleast that's what I think. His doctor said it's just sensitive skin. I started baby food at 5 months & he loves it. I still plan on BF until atleast 1 year. Sorry I'm not much help to you.
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    Both my kids have eczema and neither is allergic to anything. DS started getting it at like 3 months and DD started getting it at 7 months. One thing I noticed that broke both of them out really bad was when I used any baby wash other than Aveeno. Johnson's and Huggies has a chemical in it (quarternine 25 sp?) that is really bad for sensitive skin. I had used the huggies wipes while we were on vacation and DS was covered in every crease he had. We use the Aveeno creamy wash and the daily moisturizer- the ones with the dark blue lids. I keep them lotioned up and it usually clears up within a couple of days.
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    My son has eczema too and I have read some cases are caused by food sensitivities. Our ped said we should delay solids especially the high allergens as much as we can. I would delay solids until at least 6 months if I were you and be careful about high allergens. Our doctor's suggestion was to delay dairy, soy, eggs and fish until 1 year and nuts until 3 years old. (I didn't follow them exactly but close enough)

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    I'm sure I'll be going through this as well with my DS but I wanted to offer this ... I had eczema as a baby and still do on occasion (when I get stressed out, season changes, climate changes ... it can be caused by many things) but I never had food allergies as a child and still don't. I am allergic to latex, though and have an almost eczema-like breakout from it hmmm ...

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    I have eczema (since birth) and my lo has it as well! I am not allergic to anything and so far, my lo is not either (well she threw up after sweet potato--but not related to eczema--nothing on her skin!) I waited longer for solids anyway and I went really slow 3-4 days for eat new food to see if anything happened...and nothing did!

    I agree with a pp -- no fragrances (on me or her) and lots of lotion...2-3x a day ESP after bath !!


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    My older DS (4years old) has eczema and no food allergies so far. What really helps him is using Aquaphor soap always and the cream at bedtime. It's from Eucerin OTC.

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    You may want to post in the Allergies and the Breastfeeding Family forum for some more info specifically regarding eczema and allergies.

    Here are some guidelines on deciding when to introduce solids:

    I personally think eczema is a good indicator of allergies and/or potential allergies and you would be best to hold off longer before introducing solids. It only takes one "symptom" to be called an allergy. (For the PP who said the LO vomited but didn't have a skin reaction... it's a reaction nonetheless.)

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