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Thread: flu season and weaning??

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    Default flu season and weaning??

    Hello ladies,

    I am a new mom to Baby Sophia 7 months old. We are exclusively bf and I am considering weaning somewhere around 9 months. Just Monday I noticed a slight clear mucus dripping from her nose and random sneezing. I am so upset and disappointed! I currently make all her solids ex: freshly juiced apples and orange also puree carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach for solids... I would like to continue bf Thur the flu season, any suggestions on the drippy nose? Also her Doc suggested Soy milk after the nine months does anyone suggest a brand and can children go with out milk?? I would hate to do all this hard work and then jump into "cows milk"!!


    Natasha &
    Baby Sophia

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    Default Re: flu season and weaning??

    Most Soy brands that I have found are organic so they would be fine for babies. My two youngest (nanny kids) only do soy milk. neither one of them will drink cows milk. They were both bf for the first few months. Soy milk is a great source of protein. There are many health benefits to soy milk vs cows milk. Yes kids can go without cows milk. Did you know it is possible for kids and babies to get TOO much cows milk and have it interfer with the absorption of iorn? I think babies generally like soy milk better because it is sweeter and it doesn't have any more "sugar" in it than regular milk.

    That said, if you are not going to continue nursing until a year I would have to say you should look into formula or something like that because infants need that nutriants and fat. Why not just continue 3 more months and then switch to soy??? Just wondering. I would hate to see you comprimise her immune system and your wallet with formula

    Here are a couple things I found...


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    Default Re: flu season and weaning??

    May we ask why you are considering weaning @ the 9month point?

    Way too lazy for formula

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    Default Re: flu season and weaning??

    kelly moms has some good info on introducting other milks.



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