Okay, I had had the daytime feedings completely weaned and now recently in the past two days dd has been nursing once or twice during the day along with all the constant night nursing. If I don't nurse her during the day she throws temper tantrums left and right....I can't even get her to sit in a highchair to eat reg. food...she throws a fit. Any ideas how i can stop this back stepping and get her to eat reg. food and not demand the breast so much? I'm trying sage tea to see if it will reduce my milk supply enough to make her realize its not worth the work to bf. Has anyone else ever tried this method? I am just exhausted and at my wits end with this. I'm about to cry right now just thinking about it and dealing with the constant crying and temper tantrums. Thanks for any input on this subject!!! Oh and by the way...last night while I was holding her she bit my shoulder really badly and I let out a loud ouch (well, because it really hurt) and she started to cry as if it hurt her and she held on to me EXTREMELY tight...as if I was about to let her go and never come back. Is this normal during weaning too or just unique to my situation and my child? Thanks!!