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Thread: Meds and Breastmilk - volunteer for research?

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    Question Meds and Breastmilk - volunteer for research?

    This may sound like a stupid question but here goes. I know there are tons of useful data on LactMed (The NIH ToxMed site) on how much of a specific drug makes it into breastmilk. However, there are generally not that many cases studied where the breastmilk was measured for the drug so we are relying on a handfull of moms' data for what we know. My questions is...does anyone know how or who to contact to volunteer for some of these types of studies? My daughter is now almost 17 months and is showing signs of wanting to wean. She still nurses when she first wakes up and after work but is now taking mixed organic cow/mommy milk at daycare. I am a milk donor but I am eager to stop pumping so I may stop donating. Whit what I have frozen I will have donated over 2000 oz so I think I can stop without too much guilt. My one last thought of how I could help (moms and babies) would be to offer my milk up to testing how long different meds stay in the milk supply. Clearly, I would only do it for drugs that are safe to take but I think we really do need to know these things.

    For example, twice when my LO was younger I stopped nursing b/c I was on meds and was told it "may" or "may not" be safe. That is a horrible thing to do to a new mom establishing a breastfeeding relationship. Another example, a friend was just prescribed a drug and was told it is ok to take while nursing but LactMed and ToxNet say no it is not.

    Back to my question...Is there someone I could contact to offer myself as a research participant for the greater good (and yes, I understand the IRB human research rules and regs b/c I work in this area).

    Sorry for the long windedness...
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    Default Re: Meds and Breastmilk - volunteer for research?

    try dr hale
    heres a link to his web site

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