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Thread: Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

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    Default Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

    I know this is supposta be about solid foods, but i thought some moms could help me. My 13mo old daughter just started grinding her teeth, she has two on the bottom and 1 comming in on the top, she doesent gring them all the time but when she does it is soooo annyying and makes me wince i cant stand the sound. im trying to figure out why she does it, and how i can make her stop, can i even, does anyone know anything about this or had a kid do it??? i wouldnt be so worried about it but i looks like she is grinding her tooth off, seriously, it useto be ridgeady and now its almost totally flat, when i hear her doing it i hold her mounth and tell her no but i dont know if she understands me or for that matter even cares. any advice would be helpful,
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    Default Re: Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

    It's just a phase, an incredibly horrible, nails down a chalkboard one but really just a phase.

    You lucked out getting to 13 months without experiencing it My son is almost 9 months old and has 8 teeth (!) and when the top two first started appearing to match the bottom two, he ground his teeth something terrible. I ignored it (very hard to do, I HATE the sound) but his Dad would do what you do...hold his mouth and tell him no and you know what? James started grinding his teeth to get Daddy's attention In bed in the morning when his Dad's back was turned and he wanted to play, he'd slap and poke him and if Daddy ignored it, the baby would start grinding his teeth like a madman. Smart cookie! It worked everytime.

    This was around 6.5 months old and I haven't heard him grind his teeth in weeks and weeks. Especially since I pointed out to my husband what making a fuss about it was doing!

    Hang tough and try and ignore, this too will pass. She's only doing it cause she can and it's an interesting noise.

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    Default Re: Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

    I agree with the pp. My son did this as soon as he discovered he had teeth. When I reacted he did it more, once I ignored him he started to do it less and less until he forgot.
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    Default Re: Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

    Exact same thing happened when my son started getting the top teeth. It does pass!!!
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    Default Re: Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

    Mine does it also! He will be nine months on Monday.

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    Default Re: Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

    same story here! as soon as a new top tooth appeared he would grind like he were grinding for his country... but luckily it passes! I was worried too at the beginning (you might find my post about it, lol) but it's a phase, as pps said, in my case it was the 'surprise' to make noise were before was a noisless gum...
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    Default Re: Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

    Funny stuff - DD just started this too! (her 1st top tooth is just now coming in)! that sound!!!

    I sure hope the phase passes quickly!
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