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Thread: Confused about toddler feeding at night

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    Thank you all for your support, advice, articles, etc. Everything has been so useful. I think the most encouraging thing is to know you aren't alone with whatever you are experiencing.

    And thank you all for the wonderful and warm welcome to LLL.

    Best wishes,

    Anouk's Mum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Number3 View Post

    A helpful link for one method of night weaning can be found here.
    thanks!! that link is exactly what i was looking for.

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    i didnt read through all of the replies. i just wanted to add that my son (15 months) just slept all the through the night w/o nursing the other night for the first time!! i could hardly believe it! he also seems to be nursing less during the day, but thats because i started working full time in january. but on the weekends now....definitely nursing less. and no more midnight snacks!!
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    My son is 19 months old and still nurses several times during the night. I am thinking of night weaning him with Dr. Jay Gordon's method somewhere around 2 years but never thought of total weaning.

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    I started a gentle night weaning process around 7.5 months because I was co sleeping but I was afraid that since my LO was crawling, that he might crawl right off the bed if I was so exhausted and possibly slept through it. So for us, I decided it was time for night weaning and the crib. I still nurse once a night though anywhere from 3-5am. Its very short --3 minutes per side and he goes right back to sleep. We live in the desert and I can't help but think he might be thirsty. Since I usually sip on water I figure he might want something also. But each mother/LO is different and I say go with your gut of what you are willing and able to do.
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