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Thread: iron ... how can he get more?

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    Default iron ... how can he get more?

    Alasdair is 7 1/2 months old and not yet a huge fan of food. He'll eat some avocado, and he likes cereal with breast milk, but I rarely give him the latter (I just prefer to bf).
    This morning while changing him, I noticed some bruising on his knees and below his knees. I've heard that bruising easily is a sign of iron deficiency.
    If he doesn't eat anything aside from bm, how can I get iron into him? Can I eat more to transfer it to him?
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    Default Re: iron ... how can he get more?

    Sometimes people bruise and there's no trouble with anemia. But if you're concerned take him in for a check of his iron now.(usually the'll do one arond 9-12 mo @ their check-up) Also, see this page

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    Default Re: iron ... how can he get more?

    No clue whether or not bruising is a sign of iron deficiency.

    Some resources on iron rich foods, and also on foods with lots of vitamin c (helps with iron absorption):


    another good vitamin c food is watermelon

    And - most things like cereals (cheerios or whatever) are fortified with iron and other vitamins & minerals.
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    Default Re: iron ... how can he get more?

    It's probably not a bad idea for you to consume more iron in your diet (as well as Vit C). I has my own hemaglobin tested when DD was little to reassure myself that my milk wasn't deficient, and then I didn't feel the need to have her tested till one year. In all cases, I would urge you to avoid any and all synthetic iron. This would include anything that has been "fortified". If by chance you do discover down the road that he is anemic, that doesn't mean that more iron will do the trick. I have been reading lately about people with gut issues who have iron shots every day and are still extremely anemic. An imbalance in the gut flora can cause it, as can exposure to lead. They can do a heel stick for lead at the same time as the hemoglobin.

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