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Thread: 12 mos check up and BF

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    Default 12 mos check up and BF

    So, I took DD for her 12 month check up last Fri. I love my pedi! He asked me all the usual questions about milestones, etc. Then asked if she's drinking cow's milk. I just looked at him and shook my head. He said, "Still breastfeeding? Ok, good!" He didn't ask how often or anything. I'm so glad I have a Pedi who is pro-bf. It might help too, that he as kids my son's age and his wife is due to have baby #3 in April!

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    CONGRATS!!! I just took DD to her 12 month check up on Monday. And same as you..got asked all the general milestones. DD is allergic to milk so pedi asked if we were still nursing, I said yes and that was the end of it. No pressure to start a milk substitute or inquires as to how often she nurses. It's really nice to have a supportive pedi.

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    That is so nice to hear! My LO is allergic to dairy so when he turns a year, I will probably still be nursing...Im anticipating what my pedi will end up saying...hopefully she will be supportive just like yours!!!

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