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Thread: Nursing sessions shortened?

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    Default Nursing sessions shortened?

    These past couple of days, DD (7 mos) has not been nursing well, but has been a pit when eating her solids. She has been fussy at the breast, and it is making me think that I am not producing enough milk for her. I guess my question is...Should nursing sessions lessen as time goes by with increasing solids? She eats solids 2x a day. I am so worried that I can't provide enough milk for her...

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    My 8.5 month old is the same way.. she gets so impatient that once the letdown milk is gone she is to lazy to work for the rest of it... she barely eats solids but I could tell my supply had gone down due to her being lazy at the breast. I threw in a few pumping sessions for a few days( of which I barely got any milk) but it seemed to signal the breasts to make more milk so she seems to be eating more now that my supply is going up.

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