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Thread: Nursing strike or is there something serious wrong with my baby?

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    Default Nursing strike or is there something serious wrong with my baby?


    My son Thomas is nearly 16 weeks old. He is exclusively breast fed.

    At 5 weeks of age, he started "fighting me" at the breast. He was diagnosed with reflux. We tried antacids, then infant Gaviscon and finally about 6 weeks ago, Losec an acid blocker. The Losec has definitely helped improve his pain, but there are still some things that don't seem quite right.

    Firstly, his weight gain. While this is contraversial, he is not gaining according to the charts. This seems to worry the clinic nurse. His birth weight was 3.38kg's and 2 weeks ago he was 5.4kg's. The paediatrician is not worried. He feels Thomas is healthy, active, alert and happy. Which he is. He has at least 2 poos a day and lots of wet nappies.

    What seems to be happening with some regularity is him not wanting to feed. He will suck for a few sucks then push away. He is getting upset, but not like he is pain (like before the Losec). He is just not happy. I am demand feeding him all the time, and at these hunger strike times, I am even offering him feeds over and above his demands to try entice him to eat. I am careful not to force him, but I have also become increasingly frustrated and stressed which I am sure he feels. I am beginning to feel like I cannot cope, and I know I have to relax. I feel like I am fighting myself.

    I do have milk as when he pulls away it is squirting all over his face. I have also expressed and I have a supply.

    We are in a hunger strike at the moment. He has hardly eaten today, but is sleeping well. This has gone on for 3 days now, getting progressively worse. His last hunger strike semed to last a few days then resolve itself. To repeat itself a week or more later. We have had 3 distinct hunger strikes. The first when my inlaws came to visit = stress, the second when I had to have two lumps removed = stress. Now, I cannot seem to think what might be the problem.

    I know my stress levels play a factor, but I honestly don't feel stressed at the moment.

    I have also cut out all dairy since we started the Losec.

    I don't know what to do anymore! Doctor is not worried, but I feel a wreck. I am blaming myself, and feel like I must be stunting him in some way.

    I am not sure what I am asking, I guess any similar sotries, information, tips, guidance, support, anything..... I feel pretty desperate.

    Thanking you all in advance x

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    Default Re: Nursing strike or is there something serious wrong with my baby?

    Dear Nicks-

    FIrst of all, great job nursing so long and caring so much to take care of your son with Breastmilk! Sounds like you're a really loving mom who is doing a really good job!

    Is there any chance he could have thrush? My DS had some distinct hunger strikes that were related to thrush. However, maybe that doesn't make sense for you since he has gone back to eating after a couple of days. Just a thought, though. If you're not sure, I could tell when my son was crying hard- I would get a flashlight and peek in his mouth and find white patches on the sides of his mouth and lips.

    Also, is it possible that he's being sqirted too hard when he tries to eat? Or trapped burp from being squirted too hard? My LC suggested that if I have a hard spray to nurse him in such a way that his head is tilted back a little bit, that way the milk doesn't just "power down his throat" like a hose.

    Just some suggestions. I understand your desperation, this is really hard sometimes, isn't it? Keep up the good work. Do you have an LC or a LLL person you can have look at your nursing?

    Take care and hang in there!

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    Default Re: Nursing strike or is there something serious wrong with my baby?

    I have found these articles particularly useful when I dealt with similar problems:
    My baby fusses or cries during nursing - what's the problem?
    Help -- My Baby Won't Nurse!

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Nursing strike or is there something serious wrong with my baby?

    Thank you so much for all your advice!

    I have tried burping him, it doesn't seem to be that. I will check for thrush as well as the technique for helping the hose down his throat

    The more I have thought about it, the more I have realised that it must also be linked to my stress. My husband went on a trip overseas on Sunday. Exact timing.

    I have contacted my LLL person on a previous hunger strike, I will try her again. I think if she has a look it should help too.

    Thank you again.

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