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    I'm ready to wean. I know the WHO says bf for 2 years but I'm not one of those mamas. my lo is almost 11 months. I have loved being able to nurse her. But the love is going, quickly. I can't explain why, it just is. I want it to be an easy process. She nurses 6-8 times a day. I've cut one feeding (usually the lunch time feeding, depending on which side she is supposed to nurse from) by just giving solids (fruit and veggie jarred food and some solids like cheerios or solid fruit or veggie) Where to next? She does not, NOT like the bottle at all. is still learning how to use a sippy cup for juice. If she doesn't drink from bottle or sippy, how do I give other liquids? I really want this to be an easy process as I'm heading into an already difficult time (dh is a tax accountant) any advice would be appreciated.

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    Take the weaning very slowly for your sake and hers. Cut out the feedings that are least important to her first and keep her "favorites" I believe she needs whole milk if she is weaned so I would practice with the sippy. I am not weaning any time soon so hopefully a mom more experience in this area will be along to help. Congratulations on bf for a year!

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    You could use a straw cup or just a small, open cup for other liquids.

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    this might help...
    Some moms find that don't offer don't refuse works well with a younger baby.

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