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Thread: I think we might be done . . . a little sad

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    Default I think we might be done . . . a little sad

    I think that my DD and I might be done with our nursing journey at 14 months. She has not nursed since Saturday and has not shown any interest in doing it since. We went with the don't offer, don't refuse nursing. I was ready to wean and I think that my milk supply was seriously low because I have been exercising a lot and loosing weight.

    She is in daycare and would have cow's milk there. I started offering her a bottle in the morning and she would take it and not ask to nurse. At night she still was asking to nurse, but lately she has been wanting the bottle.

    I first thought that we would not even make it to a month and we managed to make it for 14 months. It was a beautiful experience and I am happy that I was able to give her that much milk.

    Thank you for all your support. I don't think that we could have made it without you.

    Meredith and Alexa

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    Default Re: I think we might be done . . . a little sad

    Congratulations on 14 months!
    It sounds like don't offer, don't refuse worked very well for you and your daughter.
    If you feel like you would like to try nursing her again, at nighttime or whenever, you could still offer (since you say you are feeling a little sad about it).
    Great job, mama!


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    Default Re: I think we might be done . . . a little sad

    Oh congrats onthe 14 months!! We stopped just at 13 months, you did great!!!!!

    Mom to Gage 12/28/06

    Wife to Trinity 6/21/03 my best friend

    ed for year, finally done!!!!
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    Default Re: I think we might be done . . . a little sad

    awesome job!

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