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    Smile Breast Pumps

    Just Wanted To Let All You Mother Know That You Can Recieve A Brand New Breast Pump Form The Woman Infant & Children Program (wic). You Have To Be Breast Feeding Exclusively (minimal Suplimenting). You Would Need To Contact Your Local Wic Office.

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    Some insurances will also cover breast pumps.

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    ok i just want to advise though that i contacted WIC because i am in need of one and i was told that they only had 1 manual one left and that they have NO electric ones because they only had one and someone stole it so they are not getting anymore. i do live in a big city and it is a shame that an agency like that is like that and wont help us mothers they told me to contact here to the LLL and they could give me one, but they were wrong. i also know that some state public aid insurances dont cover them, i live in Illinois and i was told they dont but if anyone knows different please let me know.

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    I'd also like to point out that not every woman NEEDS a breast pump. Many women, especially those who don't plan to go back to work, find that they get along fine without one. Or they may just need an inexpensive manual model, or they can hand-express.

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