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    How much does your LO nurse at night? I counted last night and Gwen nursed like 5x. Jules is a better sleeper so she doesn't much. Gwen refused to eat her dinner last night. I know toddlers get pickier about food, but I'm worried that all the nursing she's doing at night is interfering with her solids intake. Is what she's doing normal?

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    DS used to nurse all night long. I have found that when they are hungry they will let you know, we still try to leave good stuff around for him to nibble on throughout the day and make lunch and dinner. right now DS does not night feed anymore cause of his teeth issues and now we have a new DD that needs to BF more than him, but as soon as he wakes up, runs right to mommy for his morning BF. he usually does not eat breakfast much, maybe an occasional bowl of cereal or banana or cantoloupe or gronala bar or whatever he wants within reason. I just try to offer up things to him throughout the day and as long as they keep growing I would not worry. DS has really slimmed down actually. his weight has been aound the 35 LB mark for a while now. He was in the 100 percentile in his height and weight all the way since birth to about 2 and his hieght is still in the 100 but his weight dropped to 60 percentile if I remember last doc visit. I was a little concerned myself but he still thrives and still BFs 3 to 5 times a day. he will be 3 in july 5...he is the pickiest eater also. One thing he likes last week he wont have nothing to do with the next. We are blessed thought cause he really likes a lot of different fruits, but no veggies except corn which he ate half a can of yesterday but hasnt eaten it for months, "i dont like corn anymore" and yesterday "can I have more corn?"
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    We started night weaning, but then ear infections kicked in so E&A are nursing 1-2 times a night (only if they will not go back to sleep without it). I have found that if I dreamnurse them about 10/11 pm that they usually will sleep through to about 6:30. We still nurse 3x during the day.
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    Sophia is a 2-3x a nighter, Josiah 1 or 2x. They nurse 3-5x a day. Some days they eat their solids like they are starving to death, other days, they won't touch their food. I haven't noticed a correlation between how many times they nurse at night and how well they eat solids during the day.
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