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Thread: Upping fluid intake.

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    Default Upping fluid intake.

    So, Daniel is nursing less during the day, and my milk just isn't very abundant at night. His diaper wetness has dropped quite a lot. He has a small amount of interest in a sippy of water, but not enough to really ensure he's getting enough fluids. He does drink one smoothie a day with yogurt, fruit, etc. He also eats a lot of fruit.

    I put some organic, not from concentrate fruit/veggie juice in his water this morning. About.....1/8 of a cup of juice to about 1 cup of water. He drank it right down. Do you think this is okay to do? I know no juice is best, but it gets him to drink fluids.

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    Default Re: Upping fluid intake.

    I don't think it will hurt anything. I think it's better to get the hydration from juice than not get it at all. I am lucky that Nora really likes water, so she will drink it pretty easily (esp if there's ice in the cup, she loves the rattle). I do still give her apple juice sometimes, though. DH came home with a natural-pressed organic apple juice the other day that is so yummy I keep drinking it and I've never been a big fan of juice. I water it down about half and half and only give her about a cup (probably less).

    Oh, but I did want to say that over the last month or so Nora's wet diapers have decreased pretty dramatically. We've been experimenting with using the potty and at school in the toddler room I know they change her a LOT less frequently, so I'm thinking she may be just learning to hold it (to some extent). It may be just something they start to do at this age? Could that be part of what's causing his decreased wets? I dunno maybe a more experienced momma can chime in on that.
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    Default Re: Upping fluid intake.

    There's nothing wrong with it IMO, you're doing a good job keeping an eye on his diapers and finding solutions to a problem before it starts, he does need to drink a certain amount of fluids a day. He can have 2-4oz of juice a day with no ill effects, as long as you're keeping it under that amount (1/8 cup=2oz) it should be fine. You could try just splashing some juice in there and see how little you can get away with.

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    Default Re: Upping fluid intake.

    IMO very diluted juice as a way to encourage drinking more fluids is just fine.

    You may find that he's getting better at "holding" in his urine and having dry periods (a step towards eventual potty training!). We don't get worried if my DS has dry diapers during the day - but more look to make sure that his urine is not getting concentrated.
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    Default Re: Upping fluid intake.

    oh and I agree with the holding it...
    that might be what is going on too...

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