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Thread: Night shift questions--I'm really anxious!!

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    I work in a hospital at night but as a lab tech. I pump in the lactation room they have set up near the childbirth center. If you have one, call them, maybe the postpartum area. they will probably even have a pump you can use with your own attachements. Good luck! My dh is still trying to get our LO used to the bottle. She is almost 11 weeks now.

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    Default Re: Night shift questions--I'm really anxious!!

    I work as a nurse too, the dreaded 12's. At first I came straight home and just took care of my son. He's not a great napper either, so I was just a grumpy zombie. Then hubby's work decided they wanted to let him telecommute, so his hours are much more flexible now. He just watches DS while I sleep, and brings him in to nurse when he needs it.

    I did only go back 2 nights a week. Sure, I could use the extra money of working 3....but it's not worth it to me now. You can't buy back time with your baby. I do understand though that cutting hours or expenses may not be an option for everyone.

    As far as where to pump, I go to the OB dept. and use whatever open room they have, and just clean up well when I'm done. Sometimes if it's busy for them I use the nursery. I work on in critical care, and both units i work for are very co-ed, so the break room is not an option if I don't want men barging in...and I say "no-way" to pumping in a bathroom too. Nobody else would eat in there, why should my baby?

    Anyway, it can be done. I agree that having someone in your home watch the baby- so they can nurse when they need to- is the best option, if you can find someone to do that.

    I went back when DS was 4 mos, and he'll be 1 year this month. It's still working for me, although I get razzed a bit: "You're still BF? How long you gonna keep that up?".

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